Sunday, September 25, 2011

Unswiftly Winding

A few months ago I bought a swift. I had seen one at my LYS and I loved how unruly hanks of yarn were quickly transformed into neat, easy to knit balls. In the beginning, when I was only buying yarn from that store, it didn't seem like something I needed because the lovely ladies who worked at the store would wind up all the yarn I bought. However, once we got a car and began exploring yarn stores in the area and once I discovered Knit Picks I found myself with many hanks but no one to help me wind them.

I tried using the backs of our chairs but the yarn kept slipping down. I tried to get my husband to help by holding apart his hands but it was  difficult for him to keep his hands like that which was very frustrating challenging endearing but I still needed to wind all the yarn I had brought into my house.


So like anyone looking for a good deal I went on ebay and won a swift in an auction. Fast forward a few months later and I am thinking I should have bought a ball winder as well because just the swift doesn't really speed up the winding. It took me close to an hour today to wind four hanks into balls, which was frustrating because all I wanted to do was cast on the sweater I decided to knit yesterday.

To knit said sweater I bought some Berroco Vintage in Chocolate (it may be Mocha, I can't tell) and because I have been hearing a lot about sock knitting lately, I also got some gorgeous Shibui sock yarn in Dragonfly. Sigh. So lovely. I also bought the Vintage in a blue colorway- I am not sure which one but it looks good and frankly it was so reasonably priced that I struggled to not buy more. Looking back I am glad I held out because I will enjoy it all the more with a ball winder in my life.


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