Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Changes Good

The past few days I have been working on the format of this blog and also (surprise!) laying the foundation for my very own PODCAST. You may have noticed the link above. I don't know when my first episode will be up but I am really really excited about it. I listen to knitting podcasts during the day while I am at work and they brighten up my day and keep me inspired and looking forward to knitting fun new projects. My favorites are the Never Not Knitting Podcast, Just One More Row, Stash and Burn and I'm getting into Sticks and String (how can you not like an Australian guy who knits, sometimes for his mother, and plays some cool tunes?!).

So...this was pretty much to say that I have been busy, but I am eagerly anticipating more sharing and updating. This was also my way of saying I haven't really been knitting much the past few days. I worked on my Burberry cowl while on the metro and am going to continue that right now.