Thursday, September 29, 2011

Smitten Kittens

Today I came home to a very special package. My husband was out with some co-workers so I had time to geek out over it without worrying that he would think I was a total loser and also without worrying that he would figure out what I had spent our grocery money on. I had been looking forward to this delivery for several days and had been looking forward to placing the order for even longer. That's right- it was my Knit Picks box!!

I cut the tape and raised the cardboard flaps as slowly as I could, relishing each second, knowing what goodies lay inside. This was my first order from Knit Picks and it definitely did not disappoint. Nestled like a snuggly litter of newborn kittens, were skeins and skeins of soft, fluffy yarn all for me.

I had ordered some Swish Worsted, Comfy Sport and Comfy Worsted, in the sweetest colors. My favorite is the "Jalepeno" and it is true to its namesake, with "Cashew" and "Fedora" following closely behind (they are going to look so cute knit up in this pattern).

I definitely have enough yarn now to last me for a while (like that is going to stop me) and I am going to finish my cowl and my sweater, (which I had to tink a bit today) so I can bust out the new stuff. I feel like I have won big, but there was clearly a bigger winner tonight:

She is still in there....

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