Thursday, September 15, 2011

Everything but the Buttons

I have finished sewing up the underarms of my stripey baby sweater and have woven in all the ends. Now I just need to find the right buttons. How cute is this?! I can't believe how much simpler and more fun it was to knit this compared to my first one which I had to seam together and was a nightmare. I hadn't much knitting under my belt at that time (hard to believe that was only four months ago) and the sleeves took a while to get to the same size, I couldn't make the hood right, but it did work out eventually and was happy with it and I know the recipient is going to look adorable in it- but he'd look pretty adorable in anything. I think I am going to make him another sweater with the same pattern as this one but in a bigger size so he can enjoy it later this year or early next.

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