Monday, September 19, 2011

Creative Outlet

On our way back from our weekend trip we happened upon an outlet mall. I did some damage at the Banana Republic store but it would have been foolish not to buy t-shirts which are perfect for cold weather layering for several dollars each. And a sweatshirt. And an argyle sweater. And some other items. It was a fun day and I actually got quite a deal for my new clothes. I also popped into J. Crew and the Kate Spade store. Sadly the deals in those stores were not for me, at least not if I didn't want to spend any money for the rest of this month and next.

Both stores, like all the others, had some wonderful sweaters and knitted fall/winter accessories. Of course I thought to myself, well if I can't buy them, maybe I can make them, because I am in desperate need of more projects to cast-on and not-finish. Then I had an even better idea- I can make them for the holidays! Okay, I am not making anyone a sweater (babies excepted) any time soon because it is just too much. But, if I did have to make an adult-sized sweater (I am debating making myself a birthday sweater) it would be this one I saw in J. Crew. I am trying to find a pattern that is similar. I think it would look wonderful in Berroco Flicker.
Isn't it cute?

What I am thinking about making as a holiday gift is a set like this seen in Kate Spade.

The flowers each have a little bead in the center.

I just love it and I checked on Etsy and I found little felt flowers. I would do it in a different color, maybe teal or maroon and I am still thinking about how to go about making the scarf. Both sides looked like the knit side of stockinette stitch. There was also no curling at all- totally flat so I am wondering whether it was knit in the round and then sewed up as it was also thicker than the hat. I have seen a scarf pattern that is like that on Ravelry for a Harry Potter scarf but I don't know how the edges would look without tassels if sewn together. What stitch would I use? Kitchener? Three needle bind-off? Would I use a provisional cast-on? I am going to post these questions on Ravelry as this would make a really great looking gift if made properly.

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