Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Weekend of Knits and Giggles


I spent last weekend with the lovely ladies of the DC area's Creative Knitters Guild on their yearly retreat in Arlington, VA. It was one of the best weekends ever, full of wonderful conversation, many laughs, and of course lots of knitting. I overpacked like I always do, but less on shoes this time and more on WIPs and yarn with which to start new projects. Though I continued work on my rainbow socks and first (second sweater) I really wanted to start and finish this Peacock Hat, which I did and did and it is perfect.

It was so nice to hear everyone talk about what they were working on and seeing knitting in action. As I have mentioned here before (I think) I don't really have any friends who knit (actually now I do!!) and so for me knitting has been somewhat of a solitary activity. My husband and friends are really good sports and try to get into whatever knitting mystery series I am obsessed with or will be really supportive when I describe my provisional cast-on related stress but being around people that get it first hand was amazing. It was also really inspiring to see the things my new ladyfriends were knitting and I hope with time and practice I can knit up such beautiful and complex items.


Part of me feels like the weekend was this wondrous dream from which I am still recovering but the hat that I made proves that it was very very real AND the next one is only a year away! Can't wait!


  1. I can sooo relate to your comment that you have no friends who understand how excited one can get over a pattern or yarn or some other fiber related lovely. I, too, now have some friends as the local library is allowing us to use a meeting space each Monday. We have had seven different knitters show up and I think we will become a band of chix with stix!

  2. That is great! In the beginning I didn't think having a group would be a big deal but now it's a must-have for me.