Thursday, January 26, 2012

Snug as a Bug

I don't think I have mentioned my (second) first sweater here? Or I have mentioned it, but haven't gone into much detail about it. It is the Francis Revisited pattern and I am using Cascade Eco in a pretty basic gray color. I didn't want a color that stood out too much because it is my first sweater and I want to wear it and I was sort of limited in color choices when I bought this yarn. The Eco stands for "ecological" but it was also the most economical because I didn't want to spend a lot of money and then get bored or have a ton of weird colored yarn and you get a lot of yarn for your money with Eco and it is nice and sweater-y. So now I have all this yarn and a sweater that's about 3/4 finished- I have to make a sleeve and do the cowl neck, but I don't have the heart to work on it right now, and it's not because I am bored.
It's because I tried it on and it is a little...snug.
In its early stages. I would take a new picture but I'd prefer to ignore it right now
I know it's going to get a little bigger when I block it and it's hard to get a sense of how its going to fit when the stitches are on scrap yarn but it's making me a bit sad. I am not tremendously busty and based on the pattern it should be a smidgen too big in the chest area but there you have it. Of course this means I am trying to lose weight to fit into a sweater which I haven't even blocked yet. Sigh. I will work on it this weekend. And I know it will fit wonderfully once it's blocked but till then I am going to mope about it and work on UFOs (so maybe this isn't all bad?) and eat like a little bird.


  1. I am tempted to do a blog post on my sweater making history. I have tossed a few into the Goodwill bag, but I still have a couple. There is always some problem- fit, yarn substution sucess, or pooling. I love making sweaters but it is so scary to try them on and realize that the fit isn't exactly as expected.
    I bought Ysolda Teague's Little Red in the City as panacea for these problems, but still don't feel confident. Good luck with the blocking, but don't diet to make it wearable.... lol.

  2. You should! It might make readers feel better- it worked for me. I feel like I only hear sweater success stories so while it is no fun that you have sweaters that didn't fit right it is nice to hear it's not just me! I am actually casting on a cardigan right now- no more moping :)

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