Wednesday, October 12, 2011

WIP 'em out Wednesday!

It has been a busy week, both knitting and otherwise. My mother-in-law is visiting this weekend so I have been making sure things are neat and tidy and that I have the house stocked up with yummy snacks. I have made quite a few runs to the grocery store and I am finally done with all the preparations so I can relax and hang out when she is here. Also, now I can knit without guilt. Phew.

In keeping with the WIP Wednesday theme- this week I am continuing work on my second sock. It has become my Metro project as it fits in a teeny bag I can slip into the side compartment of my pocketbook. Now I have reached the part of the sock where I just have to continue knitting in the round until it is a little shorter than the rest of my foot, so it is perfect for picking up and putting down when I get on and off the train.

I am more excited about my second WIP- my first adult size sweater. It's for me, of course, and I can't wait to wear it! I am not thrilled with the yarn (Palette from Knit Picks) but it appears several people on Ravelry have also used it, so maybe it will be okay. The pattern is adorable and I am knitting it up in similar colors because I love the grey/yellow combination.

Finally, something I thought I would be posted as a WIP graduated to FO last night and I couldn't be happier/prouder. It is a hat to match my stripey sweater. Aren't they going to look so cute together!?

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