Monday, October 3, 2011

Sock it to Me

Lately everything has been coming up socks. I have been reading about them, hearing about them, seeing sock patterns everywhere. I don't have much experience knitting socks- I tried knitting a pair on double points but ripped out my first sock before I signed up for a two-socks-at-a-time class at my LYS, thinking I would like that more. However, I didn't really take to that method- maybe I'm not there yet with respect to my knitting capabilities, but it wasn't as satisfying as the DPN approach, and I ripped out those as well because they looked weird. But like I said, I have caught the sock bug a little bit and Socktoberfest seems like the perfect time to turn out some pairs.

I also heard about Sock Assassin recently which is actually how I found out about Socktober. Apparently this game is like regular assassin where you have to "kill" certain targets. In Sock Assassin you get a target and you have to start knitting them a pair of socks which you send to them when you are finished. Once they receive them, they are "dead" and send you their half-finished socks which you complete and then send to their target, "killing" them, and so on. The person holding the last half-finished pair of socks at the end is the winner?
I missed Sock Assassin this year but I am hoping to get in a lot of sock knitting practice this month as I fully intend to dominate next year.

So far my sock is looking good- the frustrating thing about knitting them one at a time is that you have to make another one, but I am looking forward to having two. I guess.

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