Sunday, October 30, 2011

Weaving in the Ends

Today was a lazy Sunday, but a super productive one. I finally bound off my second scarf for the Special Olympics Scarf Project. My mom had sent me the two she finished a while ago and I had promised to put tassels on them all- since I had some yarn left over.

Tassels. Are. Annoying.

That is all I have to say about that. I don't hate adding them as much as I do weaving in the ends or putting on buttons but I am still not a fan. All these things make a mess- you get little bits of yarn which the cat inevitably steals or you find them later stuck with surprising strength to the living room rug and it just takes so much time.

But I am done. With the tassels and weaving in the ends and everything. The scarves are in individual ziplocks ready to be mailed and I think they look wonderful. The scarves are going to be gifts to all those who participate in next year's Special Olympics as well to those who support them. I love that all these knitters and crocheters are so into into this and can all give something uniquely from them but all in the same colors. Wishing all participants lots of luck and fun for this wonderful event!

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