Thursday, December 29, 2011

Holiday Homemade

It's funny that I am making a big deal of these stitch markers since they were probably the easiest thing I made this week and took the least amount of time. I really love them, however, because I did not have any fancy dangly-ish stitch markers like the ladies in my knitting group or like ones I see in Ravelry pictures of WIPs. So now I have some. And it only took an evening to make around twenty. And it was a very inexpensive project!

I had these beads sitting around in my bedroom (most of them from high school) so all I needed was some beading wire, little jewelry loop things and crimping tubes, all of which I found at JoAnn Fabric. (Side note- it was my first time at JoAnn's and I want to live in that store. I would have so much fun!) I stayed up (maybe till 3am) making these while my little brother played video games in the adjoining room to keep me company and it was nice to see my little pile of markers grow. Now that I have lots of leftover wire and crimping tubes (but no more beads) I would like to make these again maybe even fancier when I go home, but this was a good way to use up the beads I had and make something I am going to enjoy using.

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