Monday, December 12, 2011

Drop and Roll!

SO many updates but it is pretty late so I will just post the main one- I am a spinner!! Thanks to my wonderful husband I was able to take a spinning class at Fibre Space. I already had a drop spindle (which I had tried to spin with but couldn't make it work) and I took it to last week's class expecting to come out of there spinning nice, even, lightweight yarn.

That didn't happen, which was disappointing, HOWEVER, two things:
1. The instructor said my yarn was lovely and in the beginning everyone's always looks like that. She also said that if I kept practicing, pretty soon I would long for the days when I could spin a natural looking thick-and-thin yarn. Maybe.

2. The yarn I spun today came out much better. I really liked it.

So...moral of the story? If you complain about something a lot and think it isn't for you, maybe you will really like it? That was how this was for me and I can't wait to spin more and try different fibers, and make stuff from my own-spun yarn!!

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