Friday, March 23, 2012

Long Time No Me

I know. It's been ages. And the longer I went without blogging, the more reluctant I was to do it again, which is kind of sad since I have been home for a couple of weeks now. I think I lost my mojo a little bit. While I don't have it back entirely, it is a little bit more back now. I'm pushing through, you guys! The thing is though, that it is hard for me to knit when I don't have anything else to do because I am between jobs. When it is something I look forward to doing, I can't get enough. When I am not doing anything it seems like busy-work and I resent it a little, which I hate! Because I love knitting and it's not knitting's fault that I have nothing else to do except helicopter-parent a fussy cat (which mainly involves watching a lot of naps).

I should be knitting more because of Nerd Wars and this month I have made much more of an effort. I have one project completed, hope to have one more completed this weekend, and hope to get partial credit for at least one more. So that's something. I will post more about what I have been knitting, but this is probably one of my most favorite things ever and I finished it earlier this month (no buttons yet, of course):

It is made from the Bellyphant pattern and is in navy and lime green color and is even cuter in person!

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